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From the current FIZZZ MAGAZINE:
The people make the gastronomy – and our heads of the year, whether solo or in a team, in a very special way. Raise the curtain for the makers of the hour.

Maximilian Gradl and Alexander Recknagel

…because the two together and with various other partners have been standing for some of the most exciting new openings in Munich (and the surrounding area) for years. Whether it’s a dignified bar-restaurant (“Herzog”), a lively cocktail bar (“Lausa”, Rosenheim), a stylish hotel bar (“Ory”) or, most recently, the champagne-and-schmarrn concept “Kubaschewski”: all objects share a tendency towards unconditional quality – and distinctive individuality. The fine feeling of the makers for the requirements and potential of the respective location is always noticeable.”

Here’s the full article: CLICK

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